ELECTROPHORETIC ANALYSER EA 202M with 2 columns employing contactless conductivity detectors

The modular arrangement of this analyser enables its application with several electrophoretic modes of operation e.g.
- isotachophoresis (ITP)
- capillary zone electrophoresis (CZE)
•  or the highly efficient combination of ITP – CZE

Users can choose to work with traditional columns (employing contact conductivity detectors) or alternatively take advantage of our updated columns  which employ contactless conductivity detectors (less sensitivity and a higher price but with increased lifetimes).
Columns for the first and second dimension are named ‘pre-separation' and ‘analytical' columns respectively. Pre-separation columns employ FEP capillaries (i.d 0.8 mm) and are available in several lengths (see Acessories ).Each analytical column is equipped with an adapter (SMA or 2 mm JM) for connection with optical fibres to the UV detection facility. The standard package includes an in-built UV detector with 4 wavelengths, however a variable wavelength or DAD UV detector can be purchased as an optional extra.

The standard and most basic version of the instrument is equipped with an ITP injection valve, 2 columns and modules for manual filling of electrolytes.

Standard Package:

•  preseparation column with contact conductivity detectors employing FEP capillaries
•  analytical column with contact conductivity ( FEP capillary) detector
•  variable column lengths ( 85 mm PC CLD, 90 mm PC CD and AC CD, 140mm AC CLD, 160 – 200 mm PC CD and AC CD )
•  max. voltage 15kV
•  max. current 500 microamperes
•  UV detector ( 200, 220, 254, 280 nm )
•  ITP injection valve (30 microliters)
•  Variable injection volume via microsyringe facility (up to 100 microlitres)
•  Dimensions 400 x 685 x 390 mm ( w x h x d )
•  Weight: 25 kg
•  Power supply : 230, 50 Hz, 100 W

Optional Accessories:

•  preseparation column with contactless conductivity detectors employing FEP capillaries
•  analytical column with contactless detector ( FEP or quartz capillary).
•  UV VIS detector ( 190 - 600 nm) - optional
•  DAD detector – optional
•  CZE and micro-preparative injection valve – optional
•  Education columns (clear column housing for educational purposes as zones can be directly visualised during separation).