Elektroforetický Analyzátor EA303A.

New Electrophoretic Analyser EA303A is a fully automatic 2-column analyzer that enables to perform the electrophoretic analysis in ITP, ITP-ITP and ITP-CZE mode. The modular design provides simple and user friendly changing of the columns to optimize analysis and quick change the type of analysis. Both (preseparation and analytical) columns are equipped with the conductometric contact or contactless detectors. The analytical column is possible (via optical cables) to connect to UV, DAD or LIF detector. The capillary in the preseparation column is made from FEP with the inner diameter 0.8 mm and in the analytical column from FEP or quartz with the inner diameter 0.3 mm.

Compare to previous type EA202A:

  • much smaller dimensions (only 1 box + autosampler)
  • substantially reduce consumption of buffers
  • originally designed much more versatile sample injection system
  • more reliable liquid connections
  • new principle improve reliability of checking of the level of the buffers in the reservoirs
  • up-date software enables faster and more evaluating of the data

Technical specification:
dimension: 410 x 290 x 670 mm
weight: 28 kg
current: 0 – 500 uA
voltage: 0 – 15 kV
autosampler: Spark Marathon or Triathlon – 99 vials
sample volume: 20 ul (standard), options for request
power supply: 230 V, 50 Hz, 150 VA